BlackBerry Smartphone Support

What is BlackBerry Incident-Based Support?

BlackBerry customers with smartphones that are not covered under complimentary support, or are out of warranty, can purchase technical support for a single incident at a cost of $35 USD. This support includes issues relating to your BlackBerry smartphone’s functionality or approved BlackBerry smartphone applications.

A technical support incident is one technical question, problem, or issue that will be managed until resolution, regardless of the number of contacts (email or telephone) required to resolve it. If a particular technical issue requires multiple interactions with BlackBerry Technical Support to reach a suitable resolution, you’ll only be billed once.

It’s recommended to contact your wireless service provider or point of purchase first before buying incident-based support, as they may offer additional complimentary support.

What is not covered under incident-based support?

Resolution for the following issues are not covered or guaranteed under the Incident-Based Support Program, as we offer free of charge self-service support through our Knowledge Base and Support Forums.

  • BlackBerry ID Password Resets (click here)
  • Device Password Resets
  • BBM Channels and BBM Custom PIN Inquiries
  • Known Software Issues
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Ready to buy?

Visit and be prepared to provide the following:

  • Full mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Credit card information
  • BlackBerry smartphone PIN number or IMEI
  • Brief description of your current issue
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Resources and value added services

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