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The BlackBerry® Radar family of products is an all-encompassing asset tracking solution that gives fleet assets such as trailers, vans, containers, flatbeds, chassis and equipment the intelligence to securely communicate in near real-time. The BlackBerry Radar solution includes:

  • An easy-to-install and low maintenance device
  • Industry-specific web-based applications for powerful and intuitive business analytics
  • Cellular connectivity and continuous product improvements via regular over-the-air software updates


Trailer and Asset Tracking Resources

The Crown Joule: 3 Different Ways to Power Trailer Tracking


One of the biggest challenges in selecting a trailer telematics solution is making sure it comes with a reliable and energy-rich power source. In fact, the power source is arguably the most critical component in a telematics device.

In this article, you will learn about three types of power sources available for today’s trailer tracking solutions, and how to select the one that maximizes a trailer pool’s ROI.


A Loaded Question: Do You Have Real-Time Insight Into Your Available Capacity?


In the trucking industry, the capacity crunch is forcing some operators to increase the number of trailers in their pool. But trailers are increasingly expensive to rent or purchase. So, what alternatives are available to fleet operators?

In this article, learn how real-time insight into available cube space in a trailer or container can help fleets manage trailer pools more efficiently.


Improve Driver Experience and Your Business With Smart Trailers Powered by BlackBerry Radar


Fleets must address the challenge of attracting and retaining drivers with a holistic, sustainable strategy. Such a strategy should look to find ways to decrease the avoidable day-to-day frustrations of drivers and improve operational efficiencies to increase company revenue.

In this article, learn how BlackBerry Radar can help improve driver satisfaction and your business.

Low Maintenance Devices

BlackBerry Radar devices are easy to install, provide maintenance-free operation and have unparalleled network connectivity for reliable asset tracking and monitoring.

These devices use the BlackBerry® QNX real-time operating system, which is trusted by customers to provide mission critical stability in industries like automotive, medical and nuclear power generation.

Installation Ease

BlackBerry Radar devices can be installed and activated in under 10 minutes by virtually anyone. There is no requirement to connect to external power sources or additional sensors—everything is self-contained in the device, simplifying asset tracking.

Installation Ease

The Real World Needs Real-Time Information

Improving utilization and efficiency is only possible if you have continuous visibility into all assets in your transportation or equipment fleet.

With multi-sensor measurement intervals taken every 5 minutes and a configurable data upload rate, BlackBerry Radar asset tracking devices collect up to 100X more data than basic GPS trackers. You get rich and accurate data that supports in-depth analytics, applications and instant alerts that you need to optimize daily operations more effectively.

Learn about Dashboards and Reporting

Maximize Efficiency and Utilization

Maximize Efficiency and Utilization

Protect Cargo and Equipment Integrity

Protect Cargo and Equipment Integrity

Increase Profit

Increase Profit

Case Study: Caravan Group

Caravan Group is a privately-owned cross-border transportation carrier, providing ambient and refrigerated services in the truckload and less than truckload segments. The company adopted BlackBerry Radar as its asset tracking solution in 2016, and has since seen transformative benefits, including increased driver efficiency, improved trailer utilization and decreasing maintenance costs.

This case study describes the company’s decision-making process and their experience with BlackBerry Radar.

Return on Investment

Quantifying the value of the BlackBerry Radar service is simple with a return-on-investment calculator that will help you evaluate the financial viability of the solution based on your fleet size, experience and cost parameters. Please contact us for a demonstration and to learn more about the BlackBerry Radar asset tracking solution.