BlackBerry Software Update Management

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BlackBerry Software Update Management

The BlackBerry secure over-the-air (OTA) Software Update Management Service enables the secure delivery of firmware, applications, and content to a variety of devices deploying software such as automobiles, consumer devices, and embedded systems.


Software Update via USB or OBDII Port


Software Update via Wireless


BlackBerry’s Software Update and Management Service is architected to be a scalable, flexible, and extensible service for the secure delivery of software update packages.

The service improves the efficiency of deploying product revisions in the field, enables safety critical updates, and supports updates that enhance customer usage experiences.

The service is part of a continued commitment by BlackBerry and its subsidiaries QNX and Certicom to invest in tools that support the successful and efficient development, deployment and maintenance of secure embedded systems. Our focus on security, deep embedded expertise, and global scalability set us apart from the competition.


The BlackBerry Software Update Management Service is OS agnostic and designed to support a wide range of devices from simple to the most complex.


General Embedded & Consumer Devices

The BlackBerry Software Update Management Service has been architected to handle the complexity of automotive use cases including end-to-end security and the features required to manage a diverse fleet across the globe.

The integration of the BlackBerry OTA software update client is supported by our QNX automotive division. QNX software has shipped in over 50 million vehicles across Telematics, Reconfigurable Clusters, Radio, Navigation and Infotainment systems.

We are now seeing wireless connectivity extend from mobile into every form of embedded and consumer product from washing machines and thermostats to industrial monitoring solutions. These devices have very long in-field lifecycles and the cost of updating software through traditional maintenance visits is no longer financially viable.

The BlackBerry Software Update Management Service is designed to substantially reduce the cost of maintaining software in devices throughout their life cycle.

Core Features

Fully Hosted

The service is deployed as part of the BlackBerry secured IoT platform and offered as a hosted solution for rapid deployment and the lowest possible cost of ownership. Enterprise solutions for on-premises deployment are also available to meet specific IT requirements.

Global Scalability

BlackBerry technology has supported millions of software updates across the globe every year. With years of experience in embedded design, security and wireless and data networks, BlackBerry can manage the escalating scalability challenges that impact such services.


The security of software updates is critical to ensuring a trusted relationship between the device and update service. The BlackBerry Software Update Management Service is designed using end-to-end security methodologies utilizing technologies from our subsidiary company Certicom and industry best practices. Most importantly we actively monitor for threats and employ incidence response teams to ensure rapid threat containment and service continuity.

Complete Release Management

We have invested years of engineering to develop a service that gives customers the tools they need to manage their fleets of devices efficiently and effectively. This includes:

  • APIs for easy loading signed software into repositories for delivery
  • Easy to use web-based tools for administration
  • Package level dependency management
  • Flexible group management
  • Near real-time monitoring of update status
  • Integrated analytics for exploring campaign and device status
  • Request and response logs to facilitate trouble-shooting

Lifecycle Management

Accelerate Software Development and In-Field Maintenance

Deliver New Customer Services

Lifecycle Management

Accelerate Software Development and In-Field Maintenance

BlackBerry offers a complete hosted solution for over-the-air (OTA) software updates and management, with world-class security and proven scale for millions of devices across hundreds of countries across the globe.

The solution allows customers to rapidly deploy an OTA software update solution on a global basis to substantially reduce the cost of prototyping, commercialization, and in-field support.

Deliver New Customer Services

The BlackBerry Software Update Management Service can be used to deliver new content and new customer-facing solutions and value-added services. Instead of recalling products or updating them through hardwired connections your company can now deploy new content and software features through a secure and central management interface.

For example, in the automotive space it is important to update content related to maps including points of interest. The BlackBerry Software Update Management Service can support the secure delivery of map updates and related content.

In the general embedded market it is common to provide new features for products. For example, a thermostat company may sign a partnership agreement with a weather data provider in order to offer live weather updates and to improve predictive temperature control. These updates and content can be packaged and pushed to in-field devices using the BlackBerry Software Update Management Service.

Lifecycle Management

Automobiles and embedded devices are seeing a significant growth in software complexity every year. By collecting critical data from prototype and in-field devices, manufacturers can analyze the data based on time, geography, device models and usage, for example, and use the results for design optimization or scheduling maintenance and service.

The fine-grained permission model inherent in the BlackBerry IoT Platform can be used to allow selective access of the data to different stakeholders in your company and partner ecosystem to support groups such as support, development, and marketing.