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Choose the Relationship That Best Expresses Your Business Model

Solution Providers


Deliver best-in class secure mobile solutions to your customers leveraging the secure platform by BlackBerry, while developing profitable services to address a multi-billion dollar market.


Independent Software Developers (ISV)


Develop secure enterprise applications for commercial sale to corporate customers. Use your expertise and access our secure development platform to build application solutions for the Enterprise market.


Service and Training Partners


Authorized Training Partners deliver world class technical training to our partners and customers, allowing them to gain expert knowledge on BlackBerry solutions.


BlackBerry Value Added Integrator (VAI) Program for Secure Embedded Systems

The new BlackBerry® VAI Program will build a worldwide network of experts trained on BlackBerry® QNX embedded software and Certicom Elliptical Curve Cryptography -based security solutions. By joining the program, you will be able to deliver integration services and build upon BlackBerry’s embedded technologies to design and develop secure, mission-critical solutions for applications such as automotive systems, medical surgical robots, smart grids, train control systems and industrial automation.