SecuSUITE for Government

A one-of-a-kind offering that provides the highest level of security for voice and data communications


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Protect Against Electronic Eavesdropping

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SecuSUITE® for Government, previously known as SecuSUITE for BlackBerry® 10, combines modern smartphone convenience with highly secure mobile communication. It provides complete end-to-end protection against electronic eavesdropping and third party attacks for all voice calls or data (in-transit and at rest), including text messages, email, calendar and contacts.

Built For, and Trusted by, Government

SecuSUITE for Government is designed to meet the most stringent needs of governments and regulated industries around the world. It is the preferred and selected secure end-to-end solution that meets all requirements of the German government for high security smartphones. It has been selected by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security for classified communications for the country’s highest public officials and is used by international government leaders and agencies across the globe.

Easy to Use. Easy to Manage.

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SecuSUITE for Government is fully integrated with the BlackBerry phone application. All of its encryption and authentication processes run seamlessly and safely in the background on the secure BlackBerry 10 OS, without impacting phone quality, performance or usability. All data is simply secure. The solution is based on the Secusmart Security Card, which takes the form of a micro SD card and is responsible for encryption and authentication.

And, through integration with BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, employees can easily keep their business and personal use of the smartphone separated. Organizations can implement their own security guidelines, retaining access to the work profile on employee’s smartphones so that all business related data and processes on the device can be protected from electronic eavesdropping.

SecuSUITE for Enterprise

Learn how to get secure calling and instant messaging to safeguard your business’s sensitive conversations against electronic eavesdropping.

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