No matter the size of your business, people want to be productive when working from anywhere - a client site, while traveling, in a hotel room. BlackBerry® Work is specifically designed to help business users accomplish that. Whatever the device ownership model, BYOD, Corporate Liable or COPE - see how BlackBerry Work can help you get mobile work done – quickly, easily and securely.

Access What You Need, Quickly

  • Navigate easily within the app using Launcher
  • Access all your BlackBerry-secured apps in a single, simple interface
  • Use email, calendar, contacts and other approved business apps with one tap
  • Take quick actions to compose an email, add a contact or schedule a meeting
  • Maintain context with what you were doing – automatic return to where you left off

Experience People-Centric Collaboration

  • Collaborate with the right person at the right time
  • View directory photos and online availability status in your email, calendar and contacts
  • Keep track of your conversation history
  • Quickly act on emails using Smart Folders and new iOS swipe gestures
  • Choose the best way to reach out – phone, SMS, secure IM or email

Stay on Top of Your Meetings

  • Customize your calendar view – day, week or month
  • Edit, forward, delete meetings and see participants free/busy information
  • Edit meeting and download calendar attachments
  • View meeting conflicts right in the meeting invite
  • Dial into meetings with one tap and no access code
  • Send pre-defined status messages to colleagues

Easily Work With Content

  • Collaborate securely with content when mobile
  • Browse, view, check-in, check-out and save files to SharePoint or network file shares
  • Easily open and view online your Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel files in high fidelity  
  • View your PDF presentations with a slide timer and control those presentations right from your Apple Watch 
  • Take quick actions on your documents such as bookmark, save for offline use, print etc.

Increase Productivity With Powerful Workflows

  • Launch powerful workflows
  • Accelerate business processes  
  • Work on documents, PDF, business intelligence and customer data
  • Maintain context within the workflow – browse away and return back with a single tap

Set-Up Approved Business Apps in One-Click

  • Activate new apps without a PIN code
  • Authenticate easily to BlackBerry Work using TouchID
  • Ensure a consistent security framework across all apps
  • Start using your mobile apps quickly and easily with minimal IT support

PDF Presentation View on iPhone and Apple Watch

  • Present PDF’s in full screen view
  • Easily swipe to next slide
  • View all slides to quickly jump in presentation
  • Time presentations and see time on individual slides
  • Connect to display for meeting room presentations
  • Control slides from Apple Watch
  • See preview of next slide on Apple Watch