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BlackBerry® Access is a secure browser that allows your organization to confidently enable mobile access to a broad range of web apps and intranet resources containing sensitive information. It’s highly optimized, and seamlessly traverses the complex firewall boundaries of an enterprise, supporting a wide array of HTTP and authentication protocols.

Part of BlackBerry Secure, a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach to security, BlackBerry Access protects enterprise app data with full containerization to help eliminate the risk of data leakage. With BlackBerry Access, your data is BlackBerry Secure.

One-Tap Access to Enterprise Resources

BlackBerry Access gives employees access to the vast library of knowledge stored on corporate intranets, including multimedia resources, directly from their mobile devices, with support for iOS, Android™, Windows® and macOS. Without the need to deal with complex VPN procedures, certificates, or authentication, employees can simply enter their BlackBerry Access password, and access all their business content with just a couple of clicks, so they’re never cut off from key information.

On macOS and Windows 10, BlackBerry Access allows users to access not only the browser, but also corporate email, calendar, and contacts – a crucial capability in the event of a failed VPN connection.

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Industry-Leading Security and Containerization

With next-generation containerization, IT can separate business data and personal information. When new employees join, organizations can quickly distribute BlackBerry Access to their devices. It creates a secure environment separate from personal apps that contains all the collaboration and business apps these employees need to do their jobs. Should they leave the organization, even if the contract is very short-term, IT can remove the entire environment, simplifying the offboarding process.

BlackBerry Access is built on BlackBerry® Dynamics, which has FIPS-validated cryptography, Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification, and years of use in the most demanding environments (including government, defense, intelligence and finance). Data is always encrypted when browsing, both at rest and in transit.

By whitelisting URLs, IT can restrict end-users’ access to domains that are company-approved, so employees can browse and download information freely without fear of data leakage. Should devices be lost or stolen, IT can selectively remote wipe the secure browser to protect corporate information and content – without affecting users’ personal data.

Securely Deploy HTML5 Desktop Apps

BlackBerry Access provides a turnkey solution that securely supports users with a wide range of apps, even on devices the enterprise cannot or does not manage. By using open HTML5 technologies, organizations can quickly and easily build web apps. BlackBerry Access secures these corporate web apps in containers, ensuring data never leaves enterprise control, while providing a rich user experience that includes the first HTML5 offline access in a secure browser for Windows and macOS.

With BlackBerry Access, core HTML5 apps – such as internal resources and collaboration or financial tools – are always secure and available, so employees can stay productive even when they’re on a plane or at a client site without internet access.

Flexible Deployment and Traffic Management

BlackBerry Access offers substantial deployment flexibility, allowing businesses to extend corporate intranets and resources to more endpoints.

  • Can be delivered on premises, as a cloud service or in a mixed model.
  • Offers deployment options on both managed and unmanaged devices
  • Supports multiple employee types (including contractors, partners, and board members)


With BlackBerry Access, enterprises can configure traffic management in two ways. Your IT team can either direct all web traffic through the corporate network, or only send traffic destined for the enterprise back into the corporate network. In this way, BlackBerry Access supports a range of deployment topologies and allows the business to make appropriate tradeoffs between cost and visibility. BlackBerry Access also supports PAC files that are the bedrock of IT Network governance.

Intuitive Browsing for End Users

BlackBerry Access provides an intuitive user experience for web browsing, resembling common browsers such as Google Chrome. Users can instantly be productive with familiar capabilities such as content downloads, bookmarks and tabbed browsing, as well as the ability to capture and save web clips and view streaming video with intuitive player controls built into the browser.

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