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BlackBerry® offers you one platform for the Enterprise of Things. Unique BlackBerry software and services run on every major operating system, across any network, securing all corporate data and communications.

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Unified Endpoint Management With BlackBerry UEM

BlackBerry® UEM delivers unified endpoint management and maximum control for your diverse and growing fleet of devices, apps and content. It allows you to securely manage mobile devices and other endpoints across different operating systems and ownership models (personally owned or corporate liable devices).

What's New in the Latest BlackBerry UEM Release?

  • Support for Microsoft Office 365 apps – BlackBerry UEM now applies Office 365 MAM-protection policies on iOS and Android™ devices, giving users access to a broader set of BlackBerry secured apps.
  • Wearables – BlackBerry UEM provides IT with specific policies that simplify the provisioning and deployment of watchOS and Android™ Wear devices, such as the ability to apply actions based on a device’s location. All of this can be done from the BlackBerry UEM console.
  • Easily Snap-in new capabilities into BlackBerry UEM – The BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK enables faster, custom-integrated workflows with enterprise-grade functionality for BlackBerry partner solutions, as well as high availability and scalability. This allows UEM admins to snap-in integrated partner workflows, which is not available from any other EMM or UEM offering. Partners’ offerings are front and center, with partner logos prominently displayed, as opposed to a white label offering.
  • Enhanced app store – Your IT team can notify users about new corporate apps and inform them when updates become available. BlackBerry UEM also provides the ability for IT to install Web apps into BlackBerry® Dynamics Launcher for managed and unmanaged devices.
  • PKI support – Organizations can use their own enterprise certificates, offering greater consistency and control across their environment.

Business-Class Email & Collaboration With BlackBerry Work

BlackBerry® Work delivers a secure, intuitive and integrated collaboration experience. It combines email, calendar, contacts, presence, document access, document editing and more, allowing you to effectively mobilize your workforce.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry Work Release?

  • Calendar availability - Users can now send colleagues their calendar availability for easier scheduling of meetings.
  • Web call scheduling - Users can create and add Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync Meetings directly from their calendars.
  • Instant communication via video call - Users can initiate a Skype for Business video call right from a contact card.
  • Contact card sharing - Users can now forward contact card information via email for even faster communication.
  • HTML5 app access - In addition to BlackBerry Dynamics applications, users can access HTML5 web apps (as provisioned by the enterprise) from the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher. This gives users one-tap access to commonly used business web applications, such as internal portals or dashboards.

Secure File Sync & Share With BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry® Workspaces is the leading secure EFSS solution, securing your enterprise content wherever it travels. With Workspaces, all stakeholders can safely access, share and collaborate on even the most sensitive files, using any mobile (iOS, Android™, BlackBerry®) or desktop (Windows®, Mac) device.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry Workspaces Release?

  • Inline comments, @mentions and alerting - Users can now make comments within the Workspaces user interface. They’re stored permanently and displayed alongside the files. Users can use the “@mention” feature to leave a comment for a specific person, and that person will be alerted.
  • DocuSign integration – Integration with DocuSign enables new use cases and workflows where a legally binding signature is required.
  • Document read acknowledgement - Read acknowledgement enables new use cases where documents being distributed are required reading. The read acknowledgement is tracked and stored for reporting and compliance purposes.
  • Usability enhancements - Updates throughout the platform include an enhanced look in the secure browser app, the ability to open and save/save as from within the Microsoft Office interface, the ability to send multiple files at once, and “What’s new” alerts.

App Lifecycle Monitoring and Management With BlackBerry Analytics

BlackBerry® Analytics gives IT and developers key insight into enterprise activity. With this information, you can make better decisions to further increase business productivity, such as investing in or reducing user training, and altering maintenance schedules.

  • App metric tracking - BlackBerry Analytics tracks daily and monthly active users, daily minutes used, usage by OS type and version, and user engagement by feature (such as activity in 1:1 chat vs group chat).
  • Custom metrics – IT can add custom metrics to get an even deeper understanding of app usage.
  • Secure Dashboard - Usage and diagnostic patterns are presented in a secure web portal, leveraging the same credentials as the BlackBerry UEM console.
  • Support for BlackBerry Dynamics apps - BlackBerry Analytics tracks app activity in BlackBerry Work, BlackBerry Access, BlackBerry Connect, BlackBerry Tasks, and BlackBerry Notes.
  • Support for partner ISV and custom apps - The BlackBerry Analytics SDK extends app tracking to partner ISV apps and custom apps built on the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.

Mobile Access to Enterprise Apps & Intranets With BlackBerry Access

BlackBerry® Access is the enterprise solution for building and deploying secure HTML5 apps and accessing corporate intranets on the go. It allows your organization to confidently enable mobile access to a broad range of web apps and intranet resources containing sensitive information.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry Access Release?

  • Deploy on both managed and unmanaged devices - BlackBerry Access supports multiple employee types (including contractors, partners, and board members), with an easy onboarding and offboarding process, allowing businesses to extend corporate intranets and resources to more endpoints.
  • Easy access to corporate resources without VPN - Just by entering their BlackBerry Access password, users can access all their business content, including downloads and internal resources, with just a couple of clicks.
  • A modern alternative to VDI - On macOS and Windows 10 laptops, BlackBerry Access allows users to access not only the browser, but also corporate email, calendar, contacts, and document editing.

Instant Mobile Collaboration With BlackBerry Connect

BlackBerry® Connect enables employees to quickly, securely and easily connect to each other while mobile. Integrating with common enterprise instant messaging solutions, it boosts communication through secure instant messaging, file share, corporate directory lookup and user presence.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry Connect Release?

  • Group chat - Save time with intuitive group chat capabilities, increasing collaboration within and cross teams.
  • Integrated document editing – Users can edit documents received as an instant message right within the app via Microsoft Office Web Apps integration. Without opening another app, users can make quick edits and send the file back.

Single Sign-on for Cloud Services

BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity makes it easy for users to access cloud applications from any device, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as traditional computing platforms.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry Enterprise Identity Release?

  • UEM Cloud support - Allow management of Enterprise Identity from within UEM Cloud, providing an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) configuration that speeds deployment and enhances scalability.1
  • Service configuration in UEM console - All SaaS services are now fully configurable directly within the UEM console, making additions and changes easier and faster.
  • Custom SAML claims - Static and local SAML claims are now configurable for a given service, expanding the list of services that can be federated by Enterprise Identity.
  • Now included in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite Collaboration Edition

Two-Factor Authentication

BlackBerry® 2FA leverages your existing iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices to deliver a simple, modern user experience that protects your organization’s critical systems, results in far fewer helpdesk calls, and doesn’t compromise on security.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry 2FA Release?

  • UEM Cloud support - Allow management of BlackBerry 2FA from within UEM Cloud, providing integration with Enterprise Identity’s federated services when it’s deployed in an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) configuration.2
  • Direct Authentication - Allow users to start the authentication process from their mobile device, simplifying access and allowing operation on problematic networks without resorting to OTP codes.
  • Software OTP tokens - Provide users with One-Time Password (OTP) codes right on their mobile device with zero additional administrative overhead or seed file management.
  • VPN configuration in UEM console - Fully configure VPN connections and user assignments directly within the UEM console, making additions and changes easier and faster.
  • Now included in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite Collaboration Edition for Microsoft Office 365 authentications
  • Now included with all BlackBerry Workspaces licenses for authentication to that product

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1 Some contextual authentication features not available in UEM Cloud deployments at time of launch.
2 RADIUS/VPN and REST API authentication not available in UEM Cloud deployments at time of launch.