Easy Access to Mobile Apps

BlackBerry® Launcher (formerly known as Good Launcher) is a single, secure mobile desktop included in all BlackBerry Apps, which allows users to access all their business apps and tasks in one place. As a core component of the BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, the BlackBerry Launcher can also be incorporated by developers into their business apps.

Benefits for IT

Increase Productivity

BlackBerry Launcher provides access to all business-critical tasks and apps from one location on the mobile device. Users can check work email, schedule meetings, reach out to contacts, work on documents and interact with business apps quickly and efficiently. An easy–to-learn experience reduces the number of help desk calls from users.

Easily Roll Out Business Apps

With the BlackBerry Launcher you can roll out business apps by line of business so that the right users get the right apps by role. You can even embed the BlackBerry launcher into your own custom apps to improve the user experience of these apps.

Securely Mobilize Business

BlackBerry Launcher eliminates the need for a VPN connection to access behind-the-firewall apps, making the user experience easy and fast. Single-sign on capabilities in the BlackBerry-secured apps themselves help users quickly accomplish their tasks without compromising security. The mobile app containerization capabilities of the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform make it easy to mobilize business process with secure data sharing between secured apps. BlackBerry Launcher is compatible with popular Android™, iOS®, Windows® and Mac OS X® devices, ensuring maximum flexibility and user adoption.

Benefits for Developers

Easily Extend to Custom Apps

BlackBerry Launcher is available as a separate library that can be installed on the GD SDK for iOS or Android, allowing in-house developed apps and services to appear in the user’s Launcher display and in the same way as any BlackBerry or third party BlackBerry-secured ISV apps.

Provide a Personalized Experience

The Launcher Library is services-based, making it highly flexible and dynamic. Users see only the apps and services they are entitled to based on individual profiles and policies.

Provide Cross-Platform Consistency

The Launcher Library is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS® X environments, allowing developers to provide a familiar, consistent user experience across different device platforms rather than displaying the differences that native OS would normally dictate. As part of the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform the BlackBerry Launcher is a key component of a cross-platform app strategy.

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Gartner Research

Critical Capabilities for High Security Mobility Management. BlackBerry receives the highest score for 6 out of 6 Use Cases.