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SAP E-Recruiting Privacy Statement

Thank you for your interest in BlackBerryLimited and/or its subsidiary companies and affiliates. The following outlines our terms and conditions regarding your application for employment with a BlackBerry entity.

BlackBerry collects, uses, and discloses your personal information for the purpose of verifying its accuracy and reviewing your skills, experiences and interests as part of BlackBerry’s evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications for employment and other incidental purposes arising from or relating to employment. By registering with Careers at BlackBerry, you provide your personal data and explicitly state that you are interested in employment with BlackBerry.  You therefore provide this data to be used for assessing your candidacy for other positions at BlackBerry beyond those for which you have specifically applied.  Any personal information collected, used and disclosed, is treated confidentially and is protected by the privacy policies of BlackBerry.  BlackBerry will store your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and BlackBerry’s Privacy Policy. For more information on BlackBerry’s Corporate Privacy Policy, please click here. In the course of administering the employment relationship, personal information may be shared within BlackBerry or with BlackBerry’s service providers. BlackBerry uses contractual or other means to provide a comparable level of protection while the information is being processed by BlackBerry’s service providers. It is BlackBerry’s policy to enter into confidentiality obligations with any third party that obtains confidential information including employee personal information from BlackBerry. Your information is stored by BlackBerry or its service providers and may be accessed for the above noted purposes by BlackBerry.  By submitting your personal information through this website, you authorize BlackBerry to collect, process, and use the information provided by you and collected by BlackBerry, for any lawful, business related purpose.  You authorize BlackBerry to store all information at, and transmit the information to, various locations, either directly or through BlackBerry’s service providers, in connection with BlackBerry business related purposes as BlackBerry deems appropriate, throughout the world, whether within your country of residence or elsewhere. You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is accurate and true.  At any time you may review, modify or delete information by accessing your candidate profile. In the event you no longer wish to be contacted by BlackBerry, you may lock or withdraw your profile at any time. Although BlackBerry endeavors to respond to your request for deletion of your data from our system as timely as possible, it may not be able to wholly satisfy such requests if, in accordance with applicable laws, BlackBerry is obliged to keep certain portions of your information in data files for a specific time period, until such time as required by law has elapsed. 

Where applicable, BlackBerry may conduct pre-employment background screening in connection with your candidacy for employment with BlackBerry. BlackBerry may utilize third party service providers under contract to provide pre-employment screening and verification services to BlackBerry, and share the information collected in your BlackBerry profile with them solely for the purpose of conducting the background screening process should your candidacy for employment proceed. Please note, however, that neither BlackBerry nor its service providers will commence background screening without your further express consent to proceed, which will be sought at that time. 

In an effort to continuously improve our processes, BlackBerry may contact applicants to participate in voluntary, anonymous surveys. These surveys may be conducted by BlackBerry or by a service provider to BlackBerry.  For this purpose any BlackBerry service  provider will only receive your name, email address and a reference to an organizational unit within BlackBerry. 

BlackBerry will occasionally update this Privacy Statement to reflect company and customer feedback or changes to privacy legislation.  We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy statement to inform you of how BlackBerry is protecting your personal information. 

If you have any questions regarding your personal information submitted through Careers at BlackBerry, please Contact us.


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