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Get help setting up your new BlackBerry Z30

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Set up your new BlackBerry Z30 


Turn on your new smartphone, set up your email and transfer your information from your old device.

Learn the basics


Once you’re set up, get familiar with the home screen, gestures and features of your BlackBerry® Z30 smartphone.

Personalise your BlackBerry Z30

Learn how to make your new smartphone uniquely yours.

Find out how to:

  • Customise your home screen
  • Change your ringtones
  • Change your wallpaper
  • Set your notifications
  • Adjust the display font size

BlackBerry ID

Your BlackBerry® ID is your master key to BlackBerry products, sites, services and apps. It will make switching to your new BlackBerry Z30 incredibly easy.

BlackBerry Protect

Use BlackBerry® Protect™ on your computer to locate or wipe your smartphone if it’s lost.


Online support

On-device support

To get help using your BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, simply tap on the Help icon on your home screen.

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