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Top Tips

Here are some of our top tips and tricks for your BlackBerry smartphone.

  • Regularly backup your important BlackBerry contacts, photos and more using BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  • Download BlackBerry Protect. It’s a free app designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone and keep the information on it secure.
  • To perform a soft reset of your BlackBerry, just press ‘alt + right shift (aA) + del’.
  • When talking on your BlackBerry, press the Currency Key to enable Speaker Phone.
  • Looking for CAPS lock? Hold ALT and Right Shift (aA) key. For Number lock, hold ALT and Left Shift. Hit either key to turn off.
  • Shortcuts for the Twitter for BlackBerry app: R – reply, L – reply all, F – retweet, C – compose, D – refresh your timeline.
  • Looking for a fast way to find your PIN? Type mypin in a message.
  • Toggle between Chats, Contacts and Groups by pressing the space key in BBM.
  • Type LD in a message to insert the local date and LT to insert the local time.
  • Save your battery: make sure you fully close any apps you’re not using by pressing the Menu key and selecting ‘Close’.
  • Not sure if your software is up to date? Visit to discover how to check and update it.
  • When sending a message type myver then Space to display your BlackBerry smartphone model/current OS version.
  • Long email and can’t read it all? Close it, open it later and press G, it will take you back to where you left off
  • To type accented/special characters, hold a letter key and slide your finger left or right on the trackpad/trackball.
  • Press ‘P’ in Messages for previous day. Press ‘U’ for oldest unread Message. Press ‘S’ to search.
  • Make your BlackBerry more secure by adding a Password Lock under Options > Security
  • Use BlackBerry 7.1? Did you know there is a battery saving mode under Options > Device
  • Press ALT + Left Shift + H simultaneously to access your BlackBerry smartphone ‘Help Me’ screen.
  • You can view your sent messages on your BlackBerry by pressing Alt + O
  • Delete multiple emails – highlight any email and hold down Caps while scrolling up or down (then delete).
  • To reply to all in an email or PIN message press L. To reply to just the sender, press R.
  • Type B to go to the bottom, T to go to the top or Space to skip a page in your Message list or email.