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BlackBerry is committed to offering world class training experiences and learning opportunities for all audience types. If you are looking to expand your product knowledge, these additional training services offer options that are flexible with competitive pricing to align with your needs. For more information of support services click here.

SKU Number Service Offering
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SRV-00015-425 Instructor-Led Training 8 hr/1 Day Purchase
SRV-00015-426 Instructor-Led Training 4 hr / Half Day Purchase
SRV-00015-427 BlackBerry Universe Learning Portal Purchase
SRV-00015-428 Technical Training Lab Purchase
SRV-00015-429 Certification Testing Purchase
SRV-00015-430 Public VILT Open Session 8 hr/1 Day Purchase
SRV-00015-431 Public VILT Open Session 16 hr/2 Day Purchase
SRV-00015-432 Public VILT Open Session 24 hr/3 Day Purchase

These training services are available for purchase. If you require more information please contact

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