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Email & Text Messaging

Enjoy on-the-go email access with your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Multiple Email Accounts

Add up to 10 personal (such as AOL® Mail, Windows Live™ Hotmail, Google Mail™ or Yahoo!® Mail) and work email address to your BlackBerry smartphone. And if you need a new one, choose a unique BlackBerry email address just for your smartphone.

Set up your email

Push Delivery Technology

Stay in the loop with push-delivery technology, which instantly alerts you via your BlackBerry smartphone when messages are sent to any of your personal and business-based email addresses.

Attachment Viewing

Skip your desk entirely and open attached image or document files directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.

Voice Notes

Just say it and send it! Record your thoughts and send voice notes as an email attachment or MMS message2.

Text, SMS & MMS Messages

Communicate with friends and contacts who use phones or mobile devices that support SMS or MMS¹. Whether you’re changing plans or confirming times, you can send a quick text message to keep everyone in the know.

Fast & Accurate Typing

Lessen typos and get your messages out sooner using BlackBerry smartphones which feature a full QWERTY keyboard or SureType® technology.


Learn more about email and text messaging from your BlackBerry smartphone

  1. 1Check with your service provider for availability, roaming arrangements and service plans. Certain features outlined herein require a minimum version of BlackBerry software
  2. 2Data activation plan required