Support Your Growing Fleet of Apple Devices

Many users have chosen to use devices from Apple®, some of which are built on iOS® while others are based on macOS™.  IT has responded with new management approaches for smartphones and tablets, but laptop management has not advanced at the same pace. 

IT has an opportunity to simplify laptop management, reduce hardware costs, improve employee productivity and delight their users all at the same time.  Using MDM-based approaches to laptop management, organizations can manage their iOS and macOS devices from a single console.  With secure apps they can eliminate legacy VDI while enabling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop programs.

Comprehensive macOS Controls and Profile Management

macOS supports a rich set of management controls similar to those many enterprises use to manage iOS.  BlackBerry® UEM provides comprehensive support for these controls, facilitating management of your users’ macOS devices.  With BlackBerry UEM you can:

  • Easily enroll and manage both company and employee-owned macOS devices.
  • Configure macOS devices to connect to work resources via email, Wi-Fi®, VPN and certificate profiles.
  • Enable users to activate their macOS devices for work, reducing IT overhead.
  • Manage macOS from a single, unified console alongside all of your other platforms (iOS, Android™, Windows®, BlackBerry®).

Replace Legacy VDI With a Cost-Effective, Modern Alternative

When managing apps for macOS devices outside of corporate controls, many organizations still use legacy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to provide apps to users.  Unfortunately, VDI is often cumbersome and expensive to manage, and can frustrate users with a poor Windows desktop experience on a Mac.

With BlackBerry® Access, you can instead deliver fast modern apps within a secure container.

  • Provide a secure, containerized environment for running modern HTML5 apps.
  • Deliver a great user experience built on open standards.
  • Quickly distribute apps to employees even on BYOD devices.
  • Ensure offline access and high performance.
  • Utilize best-in-industry security with the testing and certifications to match.

Improved Collaboration

Within the BlackBerry Access environment, organizations can not only build their own HTML5 apps but also utilize a turnkey collaboration solution with BlackBerry® Work.  With BlackBerry Work on macOS, organizations can experience the best in both collaboration and security.

  • Deliver email, calendar and contacts in a containerized environment.
  • Support integrated collaboration, even to contractors, partners and temporary workers.
  • Enable collaboration even on BYOD devices.
  • Ensure all data is safely removed from a device even when not under enterprise control.