Introducing Email Protector: Automated DRM Security for Email Attachments

WatchDox® by BlackBerry Email Protector provides businesses with a means of automatically controlling and securing files sent by email, even after they leave the firewall. Email Protector automatically embeds advanced DRM protection into email attachments sent through your organization’s email gateway based on controllable policies such as recipient or file type.

Email Protector also integrates with email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and enforces file-level security based on existing DLP security policies. If the DLP system identifies an email with sensitive business information, Email Protector will automatically embed DRM security into the attachment, according to the DLP risk profile, before it leaves the firewall.

Email Protector does not require WatchDox File Sync and Share licenses and starts at only $3.00/user/month (USD).

Secure File Synchronization and Sharing With WatchDox by BlackBerry

WatchDox® by BlackBerry is a modern, highly secure file management platform that enables effortless, multi-OS synchronization and sharing. In April, WatchDox by BlackBerry was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: EFSS, Hybrid Solutions, Q2 2016 report.

What's New and Coming Soon for Users?

  • Introducing WatchDox for Salesforce: With this seamless integration, organizations and users can take full advantage of WatchDox storage, sharing, collaboration and customizable document security features, directly from within Gain visibility into who and when documents are being opened and apply appropriate file-level protection such as print, copy and forward.
  • Edit Documents in the Browser with WatchDox for Web and Office Online: WatchDox for Web is now integrated with Office Online, so users can securely view, edit and version their documents without ever having to leave the web browser, download a file, or install any software. When changes are saved, they are automatically synced back to WatchDox and stored as a new version.
  • Powerful Upgrades to WatchDox for Microsoft® Outlook®: Users now have a consolidated and convenient place to view all of their sent and received files at a glance.  They also have the tools to easily create, version, protect and share files up to 10 GB in size, all within the Microsoft Outlook interface.
  • New Online Viewer in WatchDox for Web: Users can now create, review and share annotations with other contributors who can then correspond on any device. The online viewer for WatchDox has been rebuilt in HTML5 to the same security standards as the original Flash viewer, and introduces new user experiences and design.
  • WatchDox for Microsoft® Windows®, now with Direct Upload: Users on a Windows® PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10) can now select any file on internal or external storage, and upload it directly to a WatchDox workspace (or sub-folder), even if the workspace is not synced to your computer.

What’s New for Developers and Admins?

  • Introducing Custom Application Workspaces: Third-party application developers benefit from this private storage space that is not exposed through the native WatchDox interface. Combined with a rich SDK and APIs, web and application developers can leverage the WatchDox platform’s security, mobility, sharing and synchronization capabilities directly through their custom app interface.
  • Role Builder: WatchDox system administrators can now customize workspace capabilities and save them as unique user roles, making them available for end users when they’re sharing files.
  • Authentication enhancements: System administrators can now customize timeout periods for specific users, user groups, or by application, including custom browser inactivity timeouts.

Manage All of Your Mobile Endpoints With BES12

12 allows you to securely manage mobile devices and other endpoints across different operating systems and ownership models (personally owned or corporate liable devices).

What's New in BES12 On-Premise Version 12.5?
(Coming Soon)

  • Simplified Administration for Good apps – Integration with the Good Dynamics® secure mobility platform enables additional management functions from the BES12 console. Administrators can carry out app-level commands for Good Dynamics apps, generate and view access keys, and provide a unified self-service portal for end users, simplifying management and improving user experience.
  • New compliance rules – Organizations can define compliance rules for restricted OS versions and for devices that have been out of contact for a specified period, helping to automate device management and enhancing security.
  • Custom app categorization – End users can sort the BES12 Work Apps catalog by category, helping them navigate to the apps that they seek quicker and more easily.
  • Enhanced Samsung KNOX™ support – Administrators gain access to valuable additional management and security capabilities for Samsung KNOX:
    • Good app deployment – Deploy Good Dynamics apps to the Samsung KNOX Workspace container
    • IBM® Verse support – Automate configuration and deployment of the IBM Verse email app in KNOX Workspace
    • KNOX Mobile Enrollment – Easily and efficiently enroll large numbers of Samsung KNOX devices
    • KNOX Attestation – Conduct periodic tests to validate device integrity

What's New in BES12 Cloud?

  • BlackBerry® Secure Connect Plus – BlackBerry Secure Connectivity can be configured for Android™ for Work, Samsung KNOX Workspace, BlackBerry 10, and as a device-wide or per-app VPN on iOS 9.
  • MDM support for OS X – Activate OS X devices using BES12 Self-Service, assign profiles to users (including IT policies, work email, Wi-Fi, VPN, proxy, certificates, and SCEP), and send IT administration commands.
  • Application Management on Windows 10 – Organizations can now control apps on Windows® 10.
  • ActiveSync gatekeeping – Prevents unauthorized devices from using Exchange ActiveSync, ensuring only devices that are managed and compliant can gain access to work email and PIM.

Securely Enable All Your Mobile Apps With the Good Dynamics Platform

The Good Dynamics® Secure Mobility Platform is a single platform to mobilize all your core business apps, no matter if they are core collaboration apps, ISV apps, or custom-developed business apps. It provides the needed security to ensure critical business data is never put at risk while being flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing mobile landscape.

What's New in Good Dynamics Platform and Apps?

  • Secure Good Access, Good Work Email, Calendar, Contacts are now available for Windows®10 and Mac: This enables users to gain access to Good Access and Good Work from their laptops and desktops. It also provides a low TCO alternative to Citrix Receiver, VDI, VPN for secure remote access to intranet, web based applications, secure Mail & PIM for employees, contactors and B2B partners.
  • Support for Swift: Full development support for Good Dynamics applications built exclusively with Swift (i.e. no need to build ObjectiveC/ Swift hybrid applications) .
  • Enhanced support for Xamarin and PhoneGap: Improves ability of Good Dynamics developers to create applications using Xamarin or PhoneGap including compiling against iOS 9/Xcode 7 SDK and Launcher integration.

Split Billing for BYOD

How does your organization handle the cost of corporate data on personal devices? BlackBerry will soon offer two services to help draw a line between corporate and personal data usage.

Through BlackBerry® WorkLife™ - Advanced Analytics, you can monitor the cellular data usage of any Good®, third-party or custom business apps built with the Good Dynamics SDKv2.0 or higher, produce reports and adjust usage policies, all without infringing on personal privacy or content.

Used on its own or in conjunction with BlackBerry® WorkLife™ - Advanced Analytics, BlackBerry® WorkLife™ - Reimbursement (coming soon) allows your organization to establish a clear demarcation between corporate and personal data consumption, and facilitate the reimbursement of data cost for your employees’ use of approved business apps on iOS® and Android devices.

  • Reduce mobility costs and increase employee productivity at the same time.
  • Build trust and transparency with employees while reducing liability for your organization.
  • Reduce or eliminate stipends and pay only for the data employees actually use for work.
  • Address HR, tax and regulatory compliance issues with reduced effort.
  • Reduce the complexity associated with BYOD processes.

With easy deployment and management, you can start saving on mobility costs right away.

Accelerate Productivity With Secure Mobile Messaging

BBM® Enterprise is designed for enterprise and protects data end-to-end, in transit and at rest for BBM® messages sent between iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

What’s New in the Latest BBM Enterprise Release?

  • Video communications protection: With BBM Enterprise, you only need one app to cover your mobile messaging and collaboration needs, including video communications.
  • Forward message: Confidently forward message content from one secure chat to another, so you can seamlessly move between chats to keep work flowing. For example, a triage nurse communicating with a specialist over BBM Enterprise can securely and immediately forward the chat details to an ER doctor.
  • Team Messaging: Organizational teams, can now create context-specific, secure BBM collaboration sessions. Simply assign a subject to the Team Messaging session to keep track of what’s important, stay productive and enhance what you can accomplish with your team.
  • Priority Messaging: BBM Enterprise users can now label BBM Enterprise messages sent within a conversation as High Priority. These messages appear in red to notify BBM Enterprise users of the high priority

AtHoc by BlackBerry Crisis Communications

AtHoc™ by BlackBerry helps organizations strengthen business resiliency and protect their personnel through effective crisis communications within and across organizations. AtHoc safeguards millions of people and thousands of organizations, including leading corporations, healthcare institutions, the vast majority of the US federal agencies, and other international governments.

What’s Coming Soon in the Latest AtHoc Release?

Now part of the Good Dynamics Mobility Platform, the AtHoc mobile app brings the industry’s leading crisis communication capabilities into the palm of your hand. The AtHoc app now has additional capabilities to simplify the user experience while maintaining security and controls that users have come to expect from the Good Technology Platform:

  • Operators now have greater control over data with the ability to remotely erase application data, and require an additional layer of authentication through password or thumbprint authentication
  • System administrators can select which apps interact with the AtHoc mobile app to deliver exceptional security and control

During a crisis or event, users of the AtHoc mobile app can receive critical alerts, send one-click duress signals, and share photos and video along with their real-time GPS location to provide further awareness and protection.

In addition, system operators can send alerts and manage their system while on the go, helping to get the word out and ensure the safety of their people.

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry for Single Sign-on to Cloud Services

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry® makes it easy for users to access cloud applications from any device, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry®, as well as traditional computing platforms.

What's New in Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry?

  • Enhanced authentication for Enterprise Identity: Mobile Zero Sign-On (ZSO) for KNOX, Android for Work, and BlackBerry 10 devices for quick and secure access. In addition, integration with Strong Authentication by BlackBerry protects cloud services with two-factor security.

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1 BlackBerry 10 v10.3.2 and later is recommended; Android 4.3 and later; iOS 7, iOS 8, and iPhone 5 and later.