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Are you an Enterprise Developer or Architect?

Join us in London, UK on March 24th to code with BlackBerry Experts during full day workshops to build best-in-class enterprise applications. These Beginner and Advanced hands-on training sessions will take you through a deep dive on the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, and also provide an exclusive first look at BlackBerry’s upcoming release of BBM® Enterprise SDK, the next generation of Secure Communications SDK.

You can expect

  • Beginner and Advanced instructor-led, hands-on training workshops
  • Informal one-on-one meetings with top BlackBerry architects and engineers
  • Collaborative networking with industry peers

Get hands on experience on the latest in Enterprise app development using the BlackBerry Development Platform.


Friday, March 24, 2017
9:00am - 5:30pm
Networking Reception to follow


Kings Place Events
90 York Way
London, UK, N1 9AG


Learn more about Experts Lounge Topics.
A software download will be required for participation in the BlackBerry Developer Summit Europe.


  • Beginner: Overview of BlackBerry Dynamics Platform

    Understand the architecture of the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform and the benefits to you as a developer. Then learn how to setup and configure the tools needed to build on BlackBerry Dynamics. Please come prepared with your IDE of choice already installed. The focus of the toolchain setup will be related to the BBD SDK.

    Advanced: BlackBerry Dynamics Features Part 1

    This session will walk you through how to build and consume App Policies. App Policies can be used to configure your application differently for specific groups of users or provide application controls for administrators to manage.

  • Beginner: Secure Your First BlackBerry Dynamics Application

    In this session, you will gain experience with the following as well as learn tips from the experts on how to speed up your development.

    • How to add BBD to an application in its most basic form
    • Applications IDs and what they mean
    • Testing apps on a device

    Advanced: BlackBerry Dynamics Features Part 2

    This session will introduce you to the concept of AppKinetics. You will learn how to consume other app services as well as be a provider of a services for other apps to consume.

  • Beginner: Principal BlackBerry Dynamics Features Part 1

    Once you have learned the basics of integrating BBD to your application, the next step is to begin communicating with a data source. In this session, you will learn how to make use of the secure communication API within BBD to make a REST call to a server that is configured in BlackBerry UEM. This session will also touch on authentication.

    Advanced: Consume a BEMS Service

    The BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server provides several out of box services that you can use from your own Mobile and Web Applications. In this session you will learn from the following examples:

    • Consume the Directory Lookup Service
    • Consume the Docs Service
    • Authenticate callers using a BlackBerry Dynamics Authentication Token
  • Beginner: Principal BlackBerry Dynamics Features Part 2

    After you have consumed data from a data source, it is important to store that data securely. This session will discuss the secure storage API within BBD and teach you how to use the SDK to protect your data at rest.

    Advanced: Integrating BBM Enterprise SDK

    This session will focus on the BBM Enterprise SDK used to easily integrate secure communications into your own application.

  • Beginner: Introduction to BlackBerry Dynamics Value Added Features

    This session will introduce the concept of Application Policies. BlackBerry UEM provides some out of the box policies that app developers can utilize or developers can create their own custom app policies. You will learn how to consume these app policies within your application and how they can benefit you and your users.

    Advanced: Integrating BlackBerry Workspaces

    This session will focus on the BlackBerry Workspaces SDK used to easily integrate secure collaboration into your own application.

Experts Lounge Topics

In this informal setting, sit down with top BlackBerry architects and engineers who can assist and provide guidance on using the BlackBerry Development Platform to code your application in your chosen development environment, including Android™ Studio, Xcode, Cordova™ and Xamarin™. Topics include:


  • The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform consists of the BlackBerry Dynamics (BBD) SDK and services that provide a powerful set of tools to ISV and enterprise developers. It allows them to focus on building their commercial and business apps rather than learning how to secure, deploy and manage those apps. We will have experts on hand proficient in BlackBerry Dynamics on the iOS®, Android, Cordova and Xamarin platforms.

  • As the name suggests, this topic area will cover how to configure your application from the management server. Often applications have dynamic settings that are unique to the enterprise they are deploying to. For instance, internal server addresses, domains, service keys, etc. Instead of compiling an application multiple times as these values change, you can setup application configurations that allow you to change these values in real-time using the BBD SDK and Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM).

  • BlackBerry does the heavy lifting for developers by having APIs that ensure your data at rest and in transit is secured.

  • Learn about Kerberos login, Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), PKINIT, and BBD Authentication tokens to better your user experience when accessing backend data.

  • Application policies are a powerful feature of BBD apps. They are completely custom and can be used to control specific parts of an application based on the user or group of users. For example, an app may show more sensitive data if the user belongs to an executive user group.

  • Developers can architect apps to securely exchange information within and between applications on a single device, without compromising security or employees’ privacy and personal experience. This app-to-app inter-operability allows companies to create secure, end-to-end workflows so that they can leverage a broader ecosystem of protected, mobile applications to drive business processes, increase employee productivity and enhance collaboration.

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server provides valuable mobile backend APIs for Presence, Directory Lookups, Documents access etc. Learn about the different services and APIs available and understand what is involved in creating your own custom services for consumption.

  • Learn how to build next-generation secure communications capabilities into your own applications with BBM Enterprise SDK.

  • Learn how to integrate Workspaces into your own enterprise applications to ensure you have the most secure sharing functionality possible.

  • Learn about an SDK you can include in your application to get the same use experience as the BlackBerry developed BBD Applications. Users have come to expect the behavior of the launcher, so it's a smart thing to include in your application.

  • One of the most innovative spaces in technology these days is IoT and wearables. Learn how BBD can help ensure security is maintained across these devices.

  • BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK is a tool for developers who wish to take their BlackBerry UEM integration one step further. By using the BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK you can get direct access to the BlackBerry UEM Core and User Interface (UI) APIs which give you unprecedented control and options to integrate with BlackBerry UEM. Furthermore, you can focus on adding value and creating a unique solution by simply leveraging built-in enterprise grade capabilities such as user and group management, directory integration, event framework and much more.

    By leveraging the BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK, you can create distributable plug-ins where one end interacts with the BlackBerry UEM Core and UI components, while the other end can interface with your custom solution. The range of tightly integrated solutions are endless.

Meet an Expert

Consider arranging an appointment with a BlackBerry Expert or a Partner for one-on-one help on any of the topics listed above.
Send a meeting email request to


  • Billy Ho

    Billy Ho
    Executive Vice President, Enterprise Products and Value Added Solutions,

  • Blair Cooper

    Blair Cooper
    Director, Software Development,

  • Daniel Auker

    Daniel Auker
    Director of Product Management,

  • Jim Hawkins

    Jim Hawkins
    Good Dynamics Platform Architect,

  • Giovanni Paoletti

    Giovanni Paoletti
    Principal Product Manager - Good Dynamics,

  • John White

    John White
    Software Architect,

  • Simon Brooks

    Simon Brooks
    Director, Engineering, Good Dynamics,

  • Lorenzo Blasa

    Lorenzo Blasa
    Principal Software Engineer,

  • Will Morris

    Will Morris
    SVP Engineering,

  • Gary Gilchrist

    Gary Gilchrist
    Senior Director, Engineering,

  • Jordan Barnes

    Jordan Barnes
    Senior Software Developer,

  • Mike Martin

    Mike Martin
    Software Developer,

  • Rob Rightmyer

    Rob Rightmyer
    Senior Software Engineer,

  • Ryan Steeves

    Ryan Steeves
    Senior Product Manager,

  • Suhas Sutar

    Suhas Sutar
    Senior Solutions Development Manager,

  • Hiroshi Tabata

    Hiroshi Tabata
    Senior Software Engineer,

  • Brent Thornton

    Brent Thornton
    Director of Enterprise Solutions,

  • Ed Bourne

    Ed Bourne
    Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager,

  • EunKyung Choi

    EunKyung Choi
    Enterprise Solutions Manager,

  • Mark Sohm

    Mark Sohm
    Senior Technical Solutions Manager,

  • Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson
    Chief Evangelist,

  • Turhan Herder

    Turhan Herder
    Client Escalation Engineer,

  • Richard Schaefer

    Richard Schaefer
    Senior Manager Enterprise Solutions,

  • Stephen Leonard

    Stephen Leonard
    Senior Solutions Architect,

  • Rocco DiValentino

    Rocco DiValentino
    Director, Solution Architecture,

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