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Find the best BlackBerry solution for your business


Delivering comprehensive mobile device, application and security management has been a focus for BlackBerry® for many years. These capabilities now extend to iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets to address the changing and increasingly complex mobility landscape many of our customers face.

Answer the following three simple questions to create an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that's perfectly suited to your business and user needs.

Are mobile devices owned by the company or employees?

Many organizations provide employees with smartphones and tablets for business use, while others allow staff to use their own devices (bring your own device/BYOD). Many businesses also support a mix of company and personal-owned devices.

Please select the answer that best describes your approach to device use.

All employee devices are owned by the company
All employees use their own devices

Select if all employees use their own devices for business - i.e. BYOD

Employees use a mix of company and personally-owned devices

What mobility management needs do you have?

BlackBerry delivers a flexible and scalable mobility management solution that can be tailored to your business needs, including those of specific groups of users.

Select your requirements from the management and control options.

Click all that apply

Email, contacts and calendar synchronisation

Easily synchronize devices with your enterprise messaging system (such as Microsoft Exchange) for email, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks, and perform basic mobility management through standard ActiveSync controls.

Security, including secure connectivity

Protecting work content across multiple mobile platforms. The proven BlackBerry secure connectivity model now extends to iOS and Android devices.

Device management

Comprehensive device and usage controls including security, content, hardware and application settings and more on iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

Application management and deployment

The ability to centrally deploy, manage and monitor apps across iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices (including app usage compliance controls).

Regulated level security and control over devices, apps and content

The highest level of control and security for all users or certain groups of users within your organization in order to comply with security levels required by secure, government and regulated environments.

Separate work and personal content and apps (one device for work and personal use)

Protecting work content while preserving the user experience. Users have the freedom and privacy they want for their personal use while delivering the security and management you need for your business.

What mobile operating systems are used?

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management now supports iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as BlackBerry devices, whether they are company-owned or BYOD.

Please select which mobile operating systems are used in your business.

Click all that apply


Apple iPhone and iPad


Smartphones and tablets running on Android software, for example Samsung, HTC or Sony

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry devices running on BlackBerry 10 OS, for example BlackBerry Z10, Q10 & Q5

BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry smartphones running on BlackBerry OS 5, 6, 7

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