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Purpose-built for business users

BlackBerry® offers a full range of BlackBerry® 10 smartphones, designed for maximum enterprise user productivity. With both touchscreen and keyboard models, built-in productivity tools and a great selection of apps, everything works together seamlessly to deliver the ultimate end user experience.

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BlackBerry 10

Users are more productive with BlackBerry 10. It helps them manage time, prioritize tasks, stay in touch with the people who matter and get things done, fast.

BlackBerry Priority Hub

BlackBerry® Priority Hub learns the way you use your phone and instantly prioritizes the conversations and people that are important to you, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly find the most relevant messages and information at a moment in time. With everything that demands your attention in one place, you can stay organised, in control and respond faster.

BBM in any App

Beneath the surface of the BlackBerry® Z30 lies BBM™ Now. It means you can see and respond to all your BBM messages from within any app, so you never miss an important message, even when you’re in the middle of something. Whether you are browsing the web or sending an email, you can remain connected and responsive with true multi-tasking capabilities for even more efficient working.

BBM Video Calls with BlackBerry® Natural Sound technology

The BlackBerry Z30 comes with a stunning 5” display and BlackBerry® Natural Sound technology, delivering outstanding clarity and realistic sound to your BBM™ Video conversations. Collaborate, brainstorm, create and share, like you’re there in the same room.

Optimized Hardware & Software

Hardware and software are optimized to keep you moving, accessible and connected all day. The 5” edge to edge glass screen of the BlackBerry Z30 and advanced display technology makes images appear sharper and crisper, perfect for reviewing and editing documents on your device. Plus BlackBerry® Paratek Antenna technology delivers strong connectivity and fast data transfers, even in areas with weak coverage whilst the powerful battery offers 17 hours of use. All designed to help you stay connected in more places and for longer, so you can get on with what is important to you.


BlackBerry 10

Users are more productive with BlackBerry 10. It helps them manage time, prioritize tasks, stay in touch with the people who matter and get things done, fast.

Design and Performance

From the 3.1 inch, 330 dpi OLED display, the ergonomically sculpted keyboard through to the specially chosen durable and lightweight materials, every inch of this device is purpose-built.

Careful and precise attention to design has created a smartphone that provides you with a premium performance and effortless experience.

BlackBerry Balance

Take your BlackBerry® smartphone to the office and gain access to work email, apps and content without compromising your personal experience and use.

All your personal apps and information are kept separate and private from work data and apps. Easily switch between work and personal apps with a simple gesture.

Having one device for work and your personal life has never been easier.

BBM Video with Screen Share

Share and be seen with BBM™ Video. Switch your BBM™ chat to a BBM Video conversation with just a tap and catch up face-to-face. Share what matters to you, with people that matter to you – a photo, your browser, perhaps a business document during a conference call with a BBM contact – make the sharing experience more personal and direct with the new Screen Share on BBM. You can even show a contact the view from your camera. It's a new BBM experience for a new generation of BlackBerry smartphones.*

* Compatible BB10 devices, Wi-Fi, 4G or HSPA+ connection required. Additional restrictions apply visit for details.

BlackBerry Remember

Building your dream kitchen or managing a project for work? Collect relevant photos, lists, messages, emails, and web links, and group them all in one place in BlackBerry® Remember. Get things done even when you're offline: with BlackBerry Remember you can access your saved web links even when you're out of a coverage area. Sync related tasks with your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar and tag projects so they're easy to find later. When a new idea hits you, simply go back and update BlackBerry Remember.


BlackBerry 10

Users are more productive with BlackBerry 10. It helps them manage time, prioritize tasks, stay in touch with the people who matter and get things done, fast.


A unique new user experience that allows seamless navigation across open apps and the BlackBerry® Hub. All messages, notifications, feeds and calendar events come into the BlackBerry Hub, and with a simple gesture, users can peek into it at anytime from anywhere on the device.

BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry® Balance™ technology gives your employees the freedom and privacy they want for their personal use while delivering the security and management you need for business use.

It's the best of both worlds, seamlessly built into every BlackBerry® 10 smartphone and managed through BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10.

BlackBerry Keyboard

The BlackBerry® Keyboard learns how employees write and adapts, so they can type faster and more accurately, delivering a typing experience that only BlackBerry can offer.

Super-fast browsing

The browsing experience on BlackBerry 10 is super-fast, beautiful and built to make sharing content quick using email, BBM™ or social apps.