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Building business
relationships for success

Strong relationships are at the heart of every successful business. Get expert advice on finding and developing winning connections.

Are you looking after your employees’ health and happiness at work? Watch our top tips video here


Abandoning the 9 to 5: How your business can embrace flexible working


With the summer holidays in full swing, we look at how you can keep your employees happy and productive by helping them effectively balance work and family life.

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Is your company embracing customer feedback?


Customer feedback, when embraced and used effectively, can be extremely valuable for business development. Find out how you can build a stronger business by acting on feedback, both positive and negative.

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Top tips for creating a killer sales presentation


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Expect nothing less than perfection: How you can create the ultimate company culture


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Don’t just sell, upsell: How to maximise existing customer relationships to grow your business


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Three approaches to winning new business


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A guide to motivating and incentivising your employees


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Five ways to create a culture of collaboration in the office


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How to skillfully manage the different personality types within your business


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Top tips for onboarding new employees into your business


For new employees, the first week at your company is crucial to their future success. Read on to find out how to successfully introduce a new employee into your business

Getting recruitment right: What to look for in new employees


Looking to expand your team? Make sure you are going about the hiring process in the right way to avoid making decisions that might harm your business

Steps to small business success: Q&A with Tracy Gray


Tracy Gray, owner of personalised jewellery specialist Button and Bean, shares her tips for fostering fruitful business relationships

How to be a great leader: Five ways to lead your team effectively


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New Year’s resolutions: Re-evaluating your business relationships.


The New Year offers a great chance for a business refresh. Set aside some time to assess your current business relationships and partnerships to make sure you are in a strong position for the year ahead

How to motivate employees to beat the January blues


January is a notoriously difficult month at work. Find innovative ways to inspire and motivate employees to defeat post-Christmas melancholy.

How to inspire your team to end 2012 on a high


With the New Year fast approaching, it’s an ideal time to assess team performance from the past year and inspire your employees to kick-start 2013 with a bang.

How to integrate a new team into your business


Effectively developing a new team within your business requires a number of skills and an appreciation of how teams now function in businesses.

Top tips on how to develop a healthy workforce


Give your business an annual health check to keep it running smoothly and profitably.

How to MOT your business


Give your business an annual health check to keep it running smoothly and profitably.