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Networking for growth

Building connections and spreading the word about your business is essential for growth. This is the place to find hints, tips and expert advice on how it should be done.


Using events as a marketing technique: Best practice tips from an events specialist

Lisa Pinto, Owner of events company, Fogo Marketing, shares her top tips as to how businesses can effectively use events to network directly with prospects and customers.

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The art of small talk


Whether you are attending an event, meeting clients for the first time or are a new starter in a job, small talk is an essential icebreaker. And it is much more than asking about the weather.

Networking and the power of ‘pay it forward’


Julian Ranger is an angel investor, entrepreneur and engineer, who has founded numerous businesses, including Social Safe, a company that helps you save and recover all your social media data.

High power vs low power
Perfecting the art of the ‘power pose’ in business


Whether it is for a meeting, sales pitch or networking event, you need to sound (and look) confident at all times, which is where the ‘power pose’ comes into play. Read on to see when (and where) you can use this technique in business.

Steps to small business success part 2: Helping others through networking


Spencer Gallagher, digital entrepreneur and Managing Director of, a consultancy that helps digital agencies fast track their growth, shares his top networking tips for business professionals.

130524  networking tailoring your communication111x71
How to tailor your networking communications for different channels


Networking is all about building and developing long-term relationships. With so many ways to communicate, find out how you can adapt your communication tactics to suit individual contacts

Pay it forward: Adopting the right mindset for effective networking


Networking should not be viewed as a platform for sales pitching. Alter your mindset to ensure your activity delivers long-term value and benefits to your business

Steps to small business success part 1: Networking secrets


Spencer Gallagher, digital entrepreneur and Managing Director of, a consultancy that helps digital agencies fast track their growth, shares his top networking tips for business professionals.

How to create a killer elevator pitch


Having an engaging elevator pitch is key to impressing potential business contacts. Read on to find out how to master your pitch

Transform your networking by targeting niche groups


What do you want to gain through business networking? Find out how taking a more targeted approach could give your networking a significant boost and foster your personal development

Network the way you want to: A guide to creating your own event


Had enough of attending networking events and not meeting the right people? Take the lead and read our guide to setting up your own business networking event

How to use LinkedIn to network like a pro


LinkedIn is a hive of activity that all small businesses should exploit. Find out how to get the most out of LinkedIn for networking

How to dress for business success


Does what you wear for work say the right thing about you? Make sure that your outfit is not going to stop you from making a good impression

The key to networking success: Planning


Most of us have the best of intentions to network more, but we often fail to follow through. Realise your networking ambitions this year with a little self-discipline and planning.

Effective business networking: Verbal communication lessons


We have looked at how confident body language and knowing how to work a room can pay dividends. But do you know how your business networking verbal communication skills can help to create a positive first impression?

Effective business networking: Cashing in on 2012’s wins


Kick start the New Year with good business networking practices. Following up with key contacts made last year should be at the top of your to do list.

Effective business networking: How to work a room


Understanding how to work a room is an essential networking skill. Here’s how to make the room work for you at your next event.

Effective business networking this Christmas: Body language lessons


Brimming with social events, the festive season offers plentiful opportunities to meet new contacts and rekindle existing business relationships.

Customer Management: Peace of mind over the Christmas period


With the festive season approaching has your business planned how it will manage its customers?

7 networking tips for a flourishing business


Love them or hate them, networking is an essential part of growing your business. Developing your business networking skills can deliver a steady stream of new clients to your business.

Network Recruitment: How to use your business network to find the perfect employees


The people working in your business are its most precious asset, but how do you recruit the right people to deliver profitability to your company?